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About DAF Renderings

Renderings for the Marine Industry

ABOUT David Facente

My expertise is creating high-end 2D and 3D photo real renderings. My goal is to provide the marine industry with high quality affordable renderings for individuals and companies in need of presentation or marketing materials. I am capable of producing renderings that have a diverse range of detail and realism which are based on the individual client’s needs. I also specialize in digital image editing, Rhino Modeling, and AutoCAD drafting. To obtain a quote send an email to including the type of rendering desired (for reference see the portfolio section), a short description or drawing of the boat, and your contact information. I will respond in a timely manner with a quote as well as the required information to start your project. See below for information on Rendering styles.


Profile Renderings

Profile Renderings are a simple way to display a design for marketing purposes. The documentation required to start a profile rendering is simply a drawing in AutoCAD, PDF, or JPEG format.

3D Exterior Renderings

3D Exterior Renderings with a computer generated background are created using Rhino3D with a combination of rendering and picture editing software. Full detailed 2D drawings or a model is required to start a 3D rendering.

Interior Renderings

The nessisary documentation to create an interior rendering is either several detailed 2D drawings or a 3D model showing the details for the intended design. Interior views can be very effective in the process of design as well as showing a finished view that brings the design to life.

Exterior 'In Picture' Renderings

For true photorealism an in-picture rendering is the ideal style. In Picture renderings are created using a combanation of rendering and photo editing softwares.

AutoCAD Drafting

In addition to rendering inquire about AutoCAD Drafting and design support.

Rhino Modeling

3D Modeling and design support is also availible. Please inquire for more information.

Don't wait, get an estimate for your project today!

To request a quote please email and include: Your name and contact information, the name of the project you are working on, a short description of the design, and the renderings you wish to acquire.

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